„Rooms“ is out now

Ensemble Du Verres “Rooms” is out now

With his seventh album since he started his „Ensemble Du Verre“ in 2003, producer and multi instrumentalist Sönke Düwer is presenting his latest production „Rooms“. An album with a new musical direction, yet quite typical E.D.V., coherent, floating and featuring beautiful methaphorical lyrics, enhancing E.D.V.’s stilistic and sonic spectrum. Next to three instrumental pieces, six vocal tracks can be heard on „Rooms“.

The music is available on 12″ vinyl (incl. MP3) / CD / Digital

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Jazzthing 11/2016: Sönke Düwers Ensemble Du Verre ist mit „Rooms“ (Batterie) in Richtung Folk-Jazz unterwegs – sehr schönes Songwriting, wohltuende Momente, die aus dem Alltag herausreißen und sich wohlig warm anfühlen. Songs, die alle auch nur mit Klavier und Stimme funktionieren. Düwer stellt sich jeweils verschiedene „Räume“ für jeden Song vor. Dazu fand er mit Nora Becker, Jan-Philipp Kelber, der auf „Who Will Tell Us“, einen ans Cinematic Orchestra erinnernden Song, zu hören ist, Luisa Wöstmeyer und Ute Lorenzen sehr gut passende Stimmen. Ein sehr willkommener leichter Richtungswechsel des Ensemble Du Verre.

Sound & Image: “Knapp 50 Minuten lang kann man sich von einer geheimnisvollen und sehr harmonischen Welt verzaubern lassen, die um den Mainstream zwar einen weiten Bogen macht, aber dennoch so gut hörbar ist, dass man fast von einem künstlerischen Narkotikum sprechen kann, nachdem man schnell süchtig wird”.

Jazz 66 (Original Jazzrocker): “Great piece of music! Deep, moody and soulful”.

Nitestylez (Baze.Djunkiii): This said, all these masterly crafted elements fall in place perfectly to create a tender, intimate and timeless album of a certain melancholia and undeniable vintage attitude which – in opposite to many other longplay releases these days – really manages to tell and create story that is enthralling the listener over the full runtime of approx. 49 minutes, keeps growing and unveiling new musical details throughout every new listening session for quite a long time.

Laurent Garnier: “This is absolutely SUPERB. I looooove it. You can be sure that I will present it on my next radio show. I looooooooove it”.

Soultrain Online: “Das Ensemble Du Verre hat mit „Rooms“ ein traumhaft schönes Stück eleganter, aber nie überproduzierter reduzierter Pop-Feingeistlichkeit mit schlagenden Herzen in Jazz und Electronica, in dem Wissen geschaffen, dass weniger mehr ist”.

Listen to „Polychrome (Room 1)“:

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Who Will Tell Us (Room 13) – 7″ Vinyl

The first songs from the upcoming 7th E.D.V. record „Rooms“. This 7″ vinyl is available from 9/5/2016 on. Order you copy here.

Coming in as a prequel for the forthcoming Ensemble Du Verre album „Rooms“ is this beautiful little 7″ record featuring two tracks taken off the longplay format, accompanied by a video for the title track of the vinyl, „Who Will Tell Us (Room 13)“. The tune mentioned – and to be found on the A side of the 45 – features the fragile, yet touching vocals of Jan-Philipp Kelber spreading over an intimate musical foundation somewhat in between Jazz, thoughtful, late night romanticisms and a ballad’esque twist whilst the instrumental affair „The Beauty Of The Imperfect – Part 1 (Room 24)“ goes even deeper and, played on repeat, provides a perfect, mostly piano driven soundtrack for hours and hours well spent in front of open fires throughout stormy autumn evenings. If this is what you’re looking for these days, get your local record dealer to hunt this down for you.
(Nitestylez.de – Baze.Djunkiii)