New Ensemble Du Verre Video

Watch our new video “Who Will Tell Us (Room 13)” from the upcoming E.D.V. record “Rooms” (release 11/4/2016)

The 7″ vinyl single is available now. Order your copy here.

Room 3 (live in Den Helder)

Here is a little preview for the 2016 upcoming Ensemble Du Verre record “Rooms”. In autumn 2015 we record our concert in Den Helder (Netherlands). This is our first experiment with this peace of music. It is a free download from the soundcloud site.
Enjoy the music and spread it to the world.


Ensemble Du Verre proudly presents: Melody (the EP). Four more songs out of the jungle of musicstyles. Somewhere between R&B, Freeform Jazz, Hop and Cinematic Bop.

Out now.

The Return Of The Cowboy

  Vinyl Cover                      Download Cover

Ensemble Du Verre I Batt017 I release May 2012 I Vinyl / Download

The “The Contemporary Cowboy” is back in town. Returning home with four new versions of the hands of experienced, internationally active artists and producers. Electronic, club and dubb compatible.
“A Green Meadow”, the electronic solo project of Ensemble du Verre founder Sönke Düwer is represented with two tracks.
“Beingmarcfrank” known by such relevant acts as “Les Gammas” or “7 Samurai”. His “Afropa” Mix pulses itself into the hearts of jazz-loving Dubfans. Rupert & Mennert contribute a very visionary and minimalist mix.

Produced by Sönke Düwer